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Join Our Supplier Diversity Program

Open to women, minority, LGBT, persons with disabilities and disabled veteran business enterprises
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Why Apply?

What You Gain by Being Certified

It is through this registration and certification process, as well as numerous marketing activities, events and bid announcements, that participating utilities are able to actively select firms from a Certified Suppliers List in order to meet procurement goals established by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)-issued General Order 156 (GO 156):

By participating in this program, your company will be identified as an eligible, certified supplier in a centralized supplier database. Many utility companies use this database to search for suppliers that help meet the required procurement goals listed above. Certification with The Supplier Clearinghouse speeds up the contracting process.

Important note for Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises: The Supplier Clearinghouse automatically recognizes DVBE firms certified by the California Department of General Services (CA DGS) -- no additional application is required. This is the only way to participate in The Supplier Clearinghouse's program as a DVBE. If you would also like to be certified as a women, minority, LGBT, or persons with disabilities business enterprise, you must also submit a WBE/MBE/LGBTBE/PDBE application to The Supplier Clearinghouse.

How Do I Know if My Firm Qualifies for Certification?

Eligibility Standards

Do you meet the following requirements for certification?

  Is your firm majority-owned by either minorities, women, LGBT individuals, and/or persons with disabilities?

  Is your firm managed and controlled on a daily basis by minorities, women, LGBT individuals, and/or persons with disabilities?

  Is your firm an independent business?

If you answered YES to all of the questions above, you may be qualified for certification with The Supplier Clearinghouse! Please continue below.

Need more information about the program or the process?

View Questions and Answers

Apply for Certification
The Supplier Clearinghouse is operated on behalf of the California Public Utilities Commission and participating utility companies in accordance with General Order 156.

The program provides certified MBE, WBE, DVBE, LGBTBE and PDBE firms the opportunity to participate in a wide range of business opportunities.

There is no cost for firms to apply for certification, and streamlined versions of the application are available for certain types of businesses.
Need Help?

Please contact us at or (562) 325-8685 with any questions.

Watch our instructional video on how to get certified.

For firms that have not used the online system yet or require a refresher, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select an option below as renewing or new applicant.
    1. If you have your account credentials, click "Login".
    2. If you forgot your password, click "Login" and then "Forgot Password".
    3. If you are renewing but don't know your account credentials, click "Lookup Account".
    4. If you are new to the Supplier Clearinghouse, click "Lookup Account" to see if your firm already has an account in the system (which is used by many certifying organizations) or "Create an Account" to create a profile.
  2. Once you have logged in, continue through the steps to select the correct application, confirm your eligibility for certification, and start the application.
  3. Complete the application form and upload supporting documents. You can answer questions and complete sections in any order, at any time. Make sure to save your entries so you can return if needed at a later time to finish the application.
  4. Submit the application for review!

Applicants requiring accommodation that cannot be provided through the electronic system may request the PDF version of the application. The Clearinghouse team will work with these firms to facilitate the process in an appropriate manner. A link will be available on the website to submit a request.

Training & Support

To continue, please select an option below:

Unable to submit online and need accommodation?

Contact The Supplier Clearinghouse

Unable to submit online and need accommodation?

Please contact us so we can review your situation and provide suitable accommodation.

In your message, please note (a) if your firm is California-based, and/or (b) has annual gross income of $3.5 million or less for the previous 3 years, and/or (c) is a manufacturing company with 25 employees or less. If your firm is currently NMSDC, WBENC, NGLCC, Disability:IN, and/or US SBA 8(a) certified, please note this as well.

There are five application forms and this information will help the Clearinghouse quickly identify the shortest and best match for your circumstance.

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